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Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery

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  • bethehourglass=true|user=__jennyjones|message=I'm so excited (can you tell) to try this thing out!! I mainly wanted it for my scoliosis but now I just might use it to get an hourglass shape too! #waisttraining|date=28 January
  • bethehourglass=true|user=hotcommodity925|message=I just want to say thanks to my new waist trainer @hourglassangel ... it's so much much comfier than my previous purchase. I'm able to wear it 8 hrs. at work and it doesn't bother me...
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  • user=n0estenchingando|message=Waist trainers work miracles if you use it as a supplement to your exercise routine as it doubles the effectiveness of all your workouts. It not only gives you an instantly hourglass figure, it helps posture|date=3 February
Workout Waist Trainer by Ann Chery

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