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  • How to Season (Break in) Your New Corset

    All about corset seasoning

    You found the perfect corset for sale and unwrapping it is an exciting day! You may be eager to try it on and pull it tight, but it's good idea to thoroughly break in your corset first. This will ensure that the garment isn’t damaged and that you have the most comfortable corseting experience.

    Here’s everything you need to know about how and why to break in a new corset, whether you’re planning on using it for a waist training regimen or occasional or special occasion use.

    Reasons to Season Your Corset

    There are two main reasons to season your corset. The first is to break in the corset so that it fits well and isn’t damaged. The second is to help your body adjust to the way it feels. It is similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes.

    Steel-boned corsets are constructed with durable material, but it is also pliable enough to mold to your body. By wearing it loosely for short periods of time, you allow the materials to adjust to your shape and movements. In particular, the steel boning needs time to mold to your shape. If you don’t break your corset in properly, you risk warping, bending or ripping the material.

    Seasoning your corset is also important if you are new to corseting or don’t do it regularly. Your body will have an adjustment period as well, and we don’t recommend wearing your corset for more than an hour or two at a time if you’re not accustomed to it.

    For these reasons, be sure to give yourself adequate time to season a new corset whether you’re planning on wearing it for a waist training regimen, or you’re saving it for a special occasion. Let your body and the corset have an adjustment period before you wear it. This is why it is very important to order your corset well in advance of the time you desire to wear it!

    Best Methods for Corset Seasoning

    Most experts recommend about two weeks to properly season a corset. For the first three days, wear it no more than two hours at a time. Pull the laces tight enough so that the corset is snug, but it shouldn’t constrict. You should be able to slip several fingers in the top or bottom. After you have been wearing it for about 30 minutes or so each session, you can pull it slightly tighter.

    You can wear it for two hours a day for two weeks if you want, or you can gradually increase your wear. One rule of thumb is to add an hour every three days. So on the fourth day you’d start wearing it for three hours, on the seventh day you’d start wearing it for four hours, and so on. By the end of two weeks you can be wearing it for up to six hours. Once your corset is fully seasoned, you can pull the laces much tighter to achieve significant slimming of the waistline.

    Remember, if you’re planning on wearing your corset for an all-day event like a wedding, be sure your body is accustomed to the way it feels before the big day. You may also want to have your corset fully seasoned prior to final dress fittings.

    How to Know When Your Corset is Seasoned

    There are several ways to know that your corset is ready to be pulled as tight as you desire. The first things to look at are the top and bottom edges. They should hug your figure tightly and shouldn’t leave any gaps anywhere.

    When you put your corset on, the hooks and pins should also easily pop into place, as if the garment was custom made for you. Likewise, the laces should glide easily through the grommets in the back, so you should be able to tighten them smoothly.

    It is normal to have a little bit of wrinkling of the fabric around the grommet panel and in the lining due to tension when you pull the laces tight. Some things that aren’t normal include boning that is permanently bent or kinked, loose grommets, broken threads or ripped fabric and any gaps in the lining. These are signs that the corset is damaged—which shouldn’t happen if you season it properly.

    The Lowdown on Corseting

    Women have been wearing corsets for centuries. Modern corsets are beautiful, durable and designed to create a stunning hourglass shape. They are typically constructed with steel boning and get their waist-cinching power from tightening their laces in the back. While they provide similar results to latex waist trainers, many women prefer them because they are latex-free, more durable and can produce more dramatic results.

    You can wear a steel-boned corset as part of an everyday waist training regimen by wearing it eight or more hours a day. Corsets are also popular as undergarments for special occasions or anytime you want to accentuate an hourglass waistline. Many women also like to wear corsets as outerwear as a bold and sexy way to highlight their curves.

    Here are some of our favorite corsets:

    • Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA201: This short corset lets you show off some skin while providing significant slimming power at your natural waist. It’s ideal for providing that extra cinch for your midsection and makes a stunning piece of outerwear.
    • Underbust Cotton Corset By Hourglass Angel HA202: This classic and comfortable black corset provides powerful slimming at an affordable price. Its classic cut covers the whole torso and enhances the breasts while slimming your waistline by several inches.
    • Underbust Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA206: This is the mesh version of our cotton corset, which is breathable but provides full coverage from beneath the bust to the hip. Get a dramatic waistline with a flirty look that functions as an undergarment or outerwear.

    We hope you enjoy corsets as much as we do! Just remember to season your corset when it arrives, so it looks great and lasts.

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  • Our Most Powerful and Effective Waist Training Solutions

    Reasons to try a steel-boned corset

    If you’re serious about waist training, you’ll want to know the most effective techniques and the most powerful garments available to give you the best results. And hands down, every woman dedicated to waist training must find a steel-boned corset for sale.

    There’s some confusion out there about the difference between latex waist trainers and corsets, so we’d like to clarify the benefits of corseting versus other kinds of waist training and show how to get the most out of your corseting experience.

    What Makes Corsets Different

    Corsets are different from latex waist trainers in several ways.

    First, while both styles of garments slim the midsection and create an hourglass shape using compression, corsets are constructed differently. Waist trainers with latex and hook-and-eye or Velcro closures use latex and either plastic or boning to help stimulate heat in your core to stimulate perspiration. They fasten in the front of the body and can be sized by either closing them on the next row of hooks or by pulling the Velcro tighter.

    Steel-boned corsets, on the other hand, are not made with latex and are tightened by pulling the laces at the back of the garment. Steel boning reinforces the slimming throughout the midsection. Corsets are generally sturdier and will last longer than latex waist trainers, and can be customized to the tightest fit each time you put them on.

    While both styles are effective for waist training, corsets will provide more dramatic results because of the laces. While a latex waist trainer can generally provide up to 3 inches of slimming, a corset can potentially slim by even more.

    Corsets can also be more breathable than latex waist trainers, depending on the material they are constructed with. So while they provide a tighter fit, you might find them more comfortable for all-day wear.

    Which is better? It depends on your shaping needs. We actually recommend having both in your wardrobe (latex waist trainers for working out, for example). But a steel-boned corset will ultimately get you the most powerful slimming results.

    Getting Started with Corseting

    Just as with any style of waist trainer, getting into a regular regimen with corseting takes some time to work up to.

    When you first receive your corset, you need to wear it loosely for an hour or so at a time for at least a week, until the corset has been seasoned, or broken in. It is similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes. Once it has been seasoned, your corset should fit snugly to your unique curves like a glove and you can tighten it firmly.

    Putting a corset on is somewhat tricky at first, but with practice it will become as natural as tying your shoe. Step into your corset and gradually tighten the laces by working your way from the top and bottom towards the middle of the garment. It is similar to tightening shoelaces, as you pull one row at a time to get the laces tight. Tie off in the middle when you’ve achieved the desired tightness of the laces.

    When you start wearing your corset with laces fully tightened, start out by wearing it an hour a day and then gradually increase your wear. After a couple of weeks you should feel comfortable wearing it at least 8 hours a day. Wear it daily as a part of a healthy lifestyle routine that slims your waist.

    We love the versatility of corsets. They work beautifully as undergarments and can dramatically enhance your figure under everything from everyday attire to formal gowns. But they can also be styled as outerwear, which makes them twice as fun! Layer your corset over thin tops for some more daring styles. You can also use corsets as part of a burlesque costume or even as lingerie. Pair an underbust style with a flirty bra and you have a look that’s to-die for.

    Our Favorite Corsets

    We’ve found that many corsets that are available on the market can be expensive for the average person, which is why we are determined to offer high-quality corsets at an affordable price. These pieces are excellent options for whatever occasion corseting is called for.

    Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA201

    This sexy little garment packs a powerful punch when it comes to creating a slim waist, but it’s also breathable and comfortable under other layers. Don’t let the lightweight look fool you; the steel boning and lace-up back keeps your midsection in check even while the mesh lets you show off some skin. This is the perfect solution under form-fitting skirts, dresses and tops. It also lifts the bust, so pair it with your favorite bra for an enhanced look. With its shorter cut, you may also prefer this style if you have a short torso.

    Underbust Cotton Corset By Hourglass Angel HA202

    This waist-slimming corset is powerful yet comfortable with its soft and breathable cotton construction. It is an ideal undergarment that provides slimming and coverage with a classic underbust design curving beneath the bust and ending above the hips. It contains waist tape to keep it firmly in place at your waistline along with the other classic corset features: secure front closures, 14 pieces of flat steel boning, and sturdy laces that pull tight in the back. The effect is a flawless hourglass waist, which enhances virtually any outfit.

    Underbust Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA206

    Get a flirtier, airier version of our cotton corset with this mesh corset that lets air circulate to your skin. This is longer than the waspie corset and provides full coverage, from beneath the bust to just over the hips. This beautiful garment is comfortable, affordable and stays in place while providing maximum slimming results that only a steel-boned corset can provide. Wear it under casual or formal attire for a stunning, flawless silhouette.

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  • 5 Ways to Create a Smooth Silhouette

    How to wear shapewear

    Looking your best, whether dressing for a formal event, for work or for casual attire, starts at the foundation. With the right shapewear you can create a smooth silhouette, which makes your clothes fit better and flatters your figure.

    Here’s why: most clothing looks best on a flat, smooth surface like a mannequin, but few women are actually built this way! A silhouette perfected by shapewear is such an important piece to your look. No matter what your body type, when your clothes are lying over a smooth foundation they will fall in the right places and highlight your curves.

    Which shapewear is best for you depends on several factors including your trouble spots and the occasion you’re dressing for. Here are five different ways you can get the effect of a smooth silhouette by using shapewear.

    1. All-In-One Shapewear

    All-over body shapers are the best way to create a smooth silhouette from top to bottom. They combat a number of trouble areas in one simple piece, including taming the tummy and lower abdomen. They smooth the whole midsection, lift the bust and control the hips. Some bodysuits slim the thighs as well, depending on how long the cut is in the legs.

    Slips are another style of all-in-shapewear that provide uniform coverage and smoothing for the torso and hips.

    All-in-one shapewear is an ideal choice for formal attire because gowns and dresses fit and flow better. All-over shapers also stay in place and can usually be adjusted for the best fit. Some women also prefer this style of shaper under professional office attire for the same reasons. Suits, trousers, pants and skirts all fit well and look good over top of a smooth shapewear foundation.

    Some different options for all-over shapers include overbust and underbust, removable or adjustable straps, open bottom, slips and varying degrees of thigh coverage. You will also find that they come with different levels of compression. High compression garments create the most dramatic shaping and slimming results, while garments with less compression provide all-over smoothing and are typically a bit lighter and more breathable.

    While we love all-over shapers for many occasions, there are a few downsides (which is why it’s important to have other styles of shapers in your closet, which we’ll talk about below). They are not easy to get on and off, which makes getting dressed take longer. Some styles can also be quite warm, which isn’t ideal in warmer climates—although there are some lightweight options. And depending on the compression level, some garments might restrict your movement, which is not ideal when you’re working out or on the move.

    For those occasions when you want simple shaping solutions that are less restrictive and a bit more breathable, you may want to consider some alternative options for a smooth silhouette.

    1. Panty Shapers

    You’re going to be wearing panties anyway, so it only makes sense to wear a panty that doubles as shapewear. Shaping panties tame the tummy and lower abdomen, prevent muffin top and can also enhance your rear. They are ideal for everyday use and create a smooth foundation whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or are dressed up.

    There are several types of shaping panties that can work for you depending on your needs and the occasion. Here are some of our favorites:

    • High-Waist Control Panties By Spanx 2746: With these high waist panties you’ll eliminate tummy pooch and muffin top immediately. They are ideal under skirts, dresses, work attire and everyday outfits. Spanx is known for being lightweight but powerful; you’ll be comfortable all day while controlling these common trouble spots.
    • Cassandra Thong Back Waist Cincher By Rago 801: Do you prefer a thong back for your panties? Say goodbye to the visible pantyline with this panty shaper that slims the waistline and flattens the tummy. With moderate compression, you’ll get a comfortable but firm hold and an hourglass waist.
    • The Butt Lifter Panty By Fullness: This versatile garment enhances your natural curves. It sculpts your tummy and smooths your midsection while instantly boosting your rear (without padding!). This is the ideal option for your most fitted skinnies, skirts, shorts and dresses.
    1. Waist Trainers

    We’d be remiss not to mention our customer favorite waist trainers as essential parts of creating a smooth silhouette! These garments pack a powerful punch and can help you drop several inches from your waistline. They also lift the bust and eliminate muffin top, so you can easily achieve that hourglass waistline. Here are some of our favorites:

    • Classic Waist Cincher by Amia A102: This is the classic latex style waist trainer with hook-and-eye closures that instantly slims and smooths. With maximum compression you’ll love how dramatically it slims your waist and creates an hourglass look. This piece works well for casual, professional and even formal attire.
    • Zipper Latex Waist Trainer By Hourglass Angel HA104: With this slimming garment you’ll get extra hold and slimming power. It fastens with hook-and-eye closures and is reinforced with a zipper to make it tighter and even more seamless under tight clothes. You’ll instantly look up to three sizes smaller.
    • Petite Latex Waist Trainer By Hourglass Angel HA100: This waist trainer is designed for shorter figures so you can get waist-slimming power that is comfortable. You’ll instantly drop 1–3 inches from your waistline when you put it on. It also makes a great workout piece that will let you move while working up a sweat.
    1. Corsets

    You can kick the slimming power up a notch with one of our corsets for sale, which are designed to provide maximum sculpting for your whole midsection. While they are similar to latex waist trainers in the effects, steel-boned corsets use laces and steel boning to provide a customized fit and dramatic slimming of up to several inches. We carry corsets that are comfortable and sexy:

    • Nude Sand Underbust Corset TUB-210: This classically designed corset rests just below the bust. There are 26 spiral steel stays, a steel busk closure and flexible steel boning to provide maximum slimming effects. Laces in the back provide a tight, custom fit. Use this corset for everything from formal wear to everyday waist training.
    • Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA201: Get breathable but firm slimming and support with this mesh-style corset exclusively from our shop. Don’t let the flirty material fool you; it packs a slimming punch with steel boning and a tight-lace back. And it effectively keeps all of your trouble spots around your midsection under wraps so you can achieve a smooth foundation under a variety of apparel.
    • Underbust Cotton Corset By Hourglass Angel HA202: This is our most comfortable corset, constructed with cotton for breathable all-day comfort. It smooths trouble areas on the belly, hips and back and can be used as part of an everyday waist training regimen, or for special occasions.
    1. Thigh Slimmers

    If you want to slim and control your thighs and hips while also tucking in your tummy and smoothing your waistline, these everyday thigh slimmers are the way to go. You’ll get many of the same effects you’ll find in an all-over bodysuit in comfortable, breathable material that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, including casual, dressy and professional styles.

    • Naomi & Nicole Unbelievable Comfort High-Waist Thigh Slimmer 779: This moderate compression garment is so comfortable, you may even forget that it is there. It is seamless and invisible under clothing, while it effectively keeps your tummy and lower abs under control while keeping those thighs and hips smooth and firm.
    • High Waist Spandex Shorts By Spanx 2745: There’s a reason the Spanx brand is so popular: you can enjoy effective and comfortable all-day control around all of those pesky trouble spots. These shorts not only slim your waist and control your hips, but they also lift and firm the butt for a perfectly curvy hourglass silhouette. While these are comfortable enough to wear every day, they also work well as special occasion wear.
    • Best Body Shaper by Vedette A104: Get a beautiful figure, all over, in this easy-to-wear garment that slims from below the bust to the mid-thigh. This moderate compression garment will be your secret weapon under skirts, dresses and suits for a flawless silhouette. You can also it with your favorite bra and get an extra lift from the adjustable straps.

    Between all of these options you can find the best shaper for pretty much any occasion. If you really want to have a versatile wardrobe, we recommend that you have several shaping garments that you can rotate through your wardrobe. With proper care, they will last a long time, and you will feel confident and beautiful every time you get dressed for the day.

    Need help to select the perfect shapewear for your body type or a particular occasion? That flawless silhouette is just a click or call away! Our team of expert stylists would love to help you find the best style and size based on your unique shaping needs.

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  • The Best Shapewear for Formal Occasions: Q&A

    Formal gown shapewear pairings

    We’re heading into wedding season and other opportunities for formalwear. One of the questions you should be asking is which shapewear is going to be ideal for your event, your dress and your body type.

    We thought it would be helpful to compile some frequently asked questions and recommendations about how to get the most out of your formalwear this season. Here’s everything you need to know, whether you’re going to a wedding, gala, or other formal event where you want to look your best.

    Q: What type of shapewear would you recommend to hide a midsection problem area?

    Many mothers of the brides/grooms, and others, tell us their problem area is their midsection. We have several styles that will do the trick under your formal attire:

    1) Classic Waist Cincher by Amia A102 - One of our most popular styles, this waist trainer instantly slims your waist by 1–4 inches. Using the power of latex and held secure with hook-and-eye closures, you’ll get an instant hourglass effect.

    Check out what Carla Snuggs of PoshBeautyBlog has to say about this garment:

    "If your goal is a slimmer, firmer waistline, especially in form-fitting or formal attire, a waist cincher is your go to shaper. That coveted hourglass shape is possible with one of's most popular styles: the Amia Classic Cincher waist trainer. Pull it out for special occasions or wear it regularly to look stunning every day. It will instantly slim down and define your waistline, while also enhancing and lifting your bust. With a firm shaping for your whole midsection, it provides an all-over torso makeover under curve hugging dresses."

    2) Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset By Hourglass Angel HA201 - This is a powerful and sexy waist-slimming corset that will instantly sculpt your waistline into an hourglass shape. It uses flexible steel boning and a lace-up back for a customizable slimming effect. Another benefit is the mesh bodice that is not only flirty, but also breathable so you can stay cool while you dance the night away.

    3) Mia Corselette Bodyshaper by Vedette 136 - If you need extra support for the lower abdomen and hips along with maximum slimming power for your waist, a corselette style shaper is the way to go. You’ll instantly slim up to three sizes smaller. We also love how this shaper looks less like a girdle and more like sexy lingerie.

    4) Seamless Firm Control Body Shaper by Ann Chery 4012 - For all-over midsection slimming that will tuck the tummy and smooth out the sides and back, we love this firm control shaper that keeps all of your curves in check.

    Q: What are your recommendations on the best shapewear to pair with special occasion dresses?

    Strapless or sheer sleeve/neckline gowns: for these styles you’ll want a strapless style shaper. If you have a gown with an A-line waist a lot of fabric or ruching around the hips and thighs, you’ll probably want a bustier or longline bra like the Torsolette Satin & Lace By Dominique 8949. This bridal garment lifts the bust while smoothing the midriff and gently correcting your posture, providing a smooth foundation for your gown.

    For a dress that fits your form more through the waist and hips, a shaping slip will offer smoothing and slimming for your whole torso. The Naomi & Nicole Firm Control Bra Slip With Built-In Panty 7777 is a strapless slip with a comfortable hold that provides smoothing from the bust to the thighs. Silicone around the edges ensures that it won’t slip or roll.

    Form-fitting bodices: Any dress that hugs around the midsection, tummy, hips, butt and thighs will look best over a smooth foundation. The Best Selling Contour Shaper By Leonisa 018678 is a minimizer bodysuit that tames the tummy, trims the hips and controls the lower abdominal area. A zip-up front closure provides maximum slimming power and a firm hold. At the same time it is breathable, making it a more comfortable option for long events.

    For a smooth shaping option from bust to thighs (ideal for longer gowns), the Best Body Shaper By Vedette 104 provides moderate compression with a comfortable, firm hold. It controls the abdomen, mid thighs and back while reducing the waistline. Overall it can slim up to two dress sizes, while remaining invisible under form-fitting dresses including mermaid cut. The open bust lets you pair with your favorite bra, while the adjustable straps ensure a custom fit with lifting and enhancement of the bust.

    Lastly, we recommend the Best Shapewear Mid-Thigh Bodysuit By Amia A107 as an all-around versatile shaping option for formalwear, with removable straps. This garment will slim 1–2 inches and provides mid-weight shaping from beneath the bust to mid-thigh.

    Here’s what Carla Snugs of PoshBeautyBlog says about it: "This type of garment is designed to provide smoothing so you can look flawless under your sexiest clothes. It provides slimming and shaping for the midsection, hips, butt and thighs. Often your best bet is a bodysuit like the Amia Mid-Thigh Lace Trimmed Bodysuit, which will slim your midsection while helping to emphasize your curves, all with a sexy-smooth finish. This garment provides firm coverage from over your bra line to your thighs. Nothing but smooth from top to bottom!”

    Q: What size should women purchase their shapewear in?

    When it comes to formal attire, it’s very important that your shapewear fit correctly in order to get the most flattering results.

    While it might be tempting to use a smaller size to look your best, we highly recommend that you avoid this! There are several problems with wearing shapewear that is too small. First, it will be very uncomfortable and may pinch you and even restrict your breathing. In fact, you might not be able to get it on at all without damaging the material. And even if you get the garment on, it will not be flattering for your figure. Shapewear that is too small tends to squeeze in the wrong places and you may have a “spillover” effect or a garment that rolls down.

    Our collection of shapewear has been carefully curated and tested and will look best if you follow our sizing charts. To get the correct size, take measurements before you order the garment. Measure the fullest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your waist, and the fullest part of your hips. No matter which part you’re measuring, be sure that the measuring tape is level with the ground to get the most accurate number. You should use soft vinyl or fabric measuring tape for the best results. It should lay flat and snug against your body, but it shouldn’t be stretched so tight that you can’t fit a couple of fingers underneath the tape. (See more about sizing help.)

    Helpful tips:

    • Once you’ve taken your measurements, be sure to follow the size chart for your specific garment. Just because you wear a particular size dress or jeans does not mean that you will wear the same size in shapewear. Sizes can even vary between shapewear brands.
    • If you are in between sizes on the chart, we always recommend that you go with the larger size. Most garments have adjustable straps and other features to help you customize the fit where needed.
    • A shaping garment that fits correctly will be snug but not uncomfortable. When trying it on, step into it gently, without hard tugging or pulling. When it is fully fastened and in place, you should love the way you look and achieve an hourglass-like result.
    • We recommend ordering your shaping garments well in advance of your formal event. In this way you can ensure not only that the shapewear will fill correctly, but also that you’ll be able to size your formalwear precisely. Brides and bridesmaids should do their final dress fitting while wearing their shapewear so that they can get the best fit possible.

    We've got you covered!

    No matter what your formal event, we’re confident that you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Hourglass Angel. Beauty blogger Carla Snuggs of says, “My go-to shapewear retailer is Hourglass Angel. Not only because they are effective, they last forever, and they have a wide variety of shapewear styles to meet my needs, but because I love that you have an option to chat with a stylist to find the right shapewear for you.”

    When picking out your perfect garment, consider the cut, fabric and color of your dress, as well as your problem areas. Higher compression garments will give you the most dramatic results and provide the most slimming power, while garments with less compression will generally provide all-over smoothing that creates the ideal foundation for formalwear. Be sure to follow our sizing charts, which have been customized for each garment in our shop. You may also found our verified customer reviews of each garment helpful, especially those that are specific about their size and body shape and how the garment helped them.

    If you have any more questions about which shaping garments are best for your formal event, contact our team and we’ll be glad to help.

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  • 10 Helpful Tips for Hiding Trouble Spots with Shapewear

    How to Use Shapewear

    Did you know that when it comes to concealing your trouble spots, shapewear is just the beginning?

    While we love the power of shaping undergarments to help you slim, smooth and enhance for that hourglass look, we also love the way that shapewear can help you redefine your figure.

    As the seasons transition, you’re probably thinking about how to update and fill out your wardrobe. Don’t forget that there are many ways you can effortlessly enhance and slim your figure using the right apparel. Shaping garments are easy wardrobe solutions because they’re like shapewear and outer garments, all in one.

    Here are some quick tips about four types of shaping garments and how to make them work for you.

    Butt-Lifting Jeans

    Everyone wants the perfect pair of jeans to flatter their body, hide trouble spots and enhances their curves. Well, stop "fighting" with traditional denim and discover the shaping power of butt-lifting jeans, which are designed in the Brazilian style for maximum butt-lifting effect.

    1. Enhance your natural curves

    Once you try butt-lifting jeans you might wonder why you ever wore anything else! The unique seaming makes your rear look round and full, while the back pockets are strategically placed to draw the eye to the fullest parts of your curves. Stretchy denim creates a custom, flattering fit for a variety of body types.

    These are an effective butt-shaping option whether you want to create a fuller look for your rear without using padding, or if you want to lift and control the curves you already have.

    1. Control love handles

    Another benefit of butt-lifting jeans is their waist-slimming effect. Love handles are a very common problem with jeans, especially figure-hugging jeans. What sets these jeans apart is their higher-waist cut, which slims and conceals, rather than squishing up and out.

    Shaping Leggings

    No wardrobe would be complete without a few pairs of fashionable leggings. You can feel confident in your own skin by choosing leggings that provide powerful slimming, lift and control.

    1. Smooth your thighs

    Thigh control is a huge concern we hear from women. A no-brainer solution is shaping leggings! These will effectively slim and smooth your thighs, especially in the inner thigh area that tends to rub together. The result is a very comfortable and stylish look that you can wear in a number of stylish outfits.

    1. Lift your butt

    Butt-lifting jeans aren’t the only solution when it comes to enhancing your backside. With butt-enhancing leggings you can create a fuller, rounder look effortlessly. Choose from options that can smooth and control, as will as lift and enhance.

    1. Smooth your midsection

    Shaping leggings not only smooth the butt and thighs, but are also an effective solutions for your midsection. Look for a style with a compression band at the top like these Booty Leggings with Waist Trainer by Bon Bon Up that flattens the tummy and smooths around the waist. Shaping leggings can also keep help control the lower abdominal area.


    Layering your tops is simply a smart way to dress in every season. Whether you’ve got a sweater or a jacket, or just a lighter button-down top, you can lay a perfect foundation with a shaping cami that helps create a smooth, hourglass shape.

    1. Enhance your bust

    We love the versatility of shaping camis because they are an easy layering solution for enhancing your breasts. Use an open-bust cami with your favorite bra for additional lift and support of your bust.

    Shaping camis are an easy grab-and-go solution under your favorite tops and sweaters, and over-the-bust styles with seamless support like this V-Neck Slimming Tank by TrueShapers also function as a casual stand-alone tank.

    1. Slim and smooth your torso

    A shaping cami is an all-in-one torso-smoothing option. An over-the-bust tank functions as a standalone option that creates a slim, smooth figure from bust to hip.

    Open-bust options like the Control Camisole by Amia pair seamlessly with the bra of your choice. Another benefit is that most shaping camis provide coverage for your upper back, preventing wardrobe problems like back bulge and armpit fat.


    Never work out in unflattering, baggy clothes again! Not only does compression activewear help you look your best whether you’re posing for selfies or going to the gym, but you’ll also get the most out of your workout by sweating harder. Some styles are also designed to wick away the sweat so you’ll remain cool and comfortable even when your workout cranks up the heat.

    1. Control your butt and hips

    With compression leggings and shorts, you’ll get firm lifting and support through your most vigorous workouts, ensuring your rear stays in place. You’ll not only get a great workout, but you’ll feel more confident knowing how good you look from behind and from the side.

    1. Slim your thighs

    Comfort is key when you’re sweating hard, and that’s why compression workout shorts and leggings are going to be your best friends when you go to the gym. They’ll prevent rubbing and chafing, while stimulating more thermal activity so you can get a more effective workout.

    1. Minimize your waist

    Last but not least, it almost goes without saying that a high-quality workout band is a must-have for your workouts. For starters, you’ll instantly look slimmer by up to three inches around your midsection. Our waist trainers are also known for providing maximum compression and thermal activity around your core, ensuring that you are getting the most burn out of your workout. Many people also enjoy wearing their workout bands outside the gym because of the way they feel (although we highly recommend switching to an everyday waist trainer for all-day wear).

    We hope you’re inspired to fill out your wardrobe this season with shaping apparel that lifts, slims and smooths in all the right places for your unique needs! Need help figuring out which pieces are suited to your body type and trouble spots? Check out more info on our blog or contact our professional stylists for advice.

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  • My Secret to Losing 6 Inches with Waist Training (Interview)

    Dominique's Waist Training Before & After

    Dominique is a retired U.S. soldier, fashion blogger, full-time student and a busy mother of four. Losing weight has always been a struggle for Dominique, partly because "I JUST LOVE FOOD," she says. (We can all relate!) Over the years, she's tried numerous fad diets, but she couldn't maintain the discipline to make healthier food choices or limit her calorie intake. Plus, a knee injury from her time in the military made it difficult to maintain a rigorous working routine.

    She tried waist training with the hope of slimming her figure in spite of these obstacles, and the results were far more dramatic than she expected. Dominique says she lost 6 inches from her waistline by sticking to a consistent waist training routine. We recently caught up with her to learn her secret.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself.

    I am 33 years old, a wife, a mother of four kids. I am a retired US soldier, a full-time student, and Domestic Goddess (stay-at-home mom). I am studying Political Science with future hopes of attending law school. Some of my hobbies include shopping, reading self-help books, yoga, outdoor activities with my family, cooking, and doing volunteer work. I like to volunteer at elderly homes, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations. I’m also a huge DIYer and fashion blogger.

      1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

    I started waist training after the birth of my first child in 2004. I knew that long ago women would use corsets or other banding methods to reshape their bodies after childbirth…(thanks Mom!). I didn’t want to use corsets because they were a little uncomfortable, so I researched latex waist trainers and saw that I could use them to reshape my body and also lose weight in the process. So after my most recent delivery, seven months ago, I started waist training with the attempt to shrink my stomach back to size and hopefully lose a few inches.

      1. What garments did you use, and why?

    I started with the Classic 3-Hook latex Ann Cherry waist trainer. I started with this one because the description noted the garment was from Colombia and I know that the garments made in Colombia would be durable. After my first Ann Cherry, I purchased two more of the same kind, and I also started using the Hourglass brand. I did try the Amia and Squeem, but they are not in the same league as the Ann Cherry and Hourglass kind.

    1. What were your first impressions?

    The first time I tried the Ann Cherry, I could not put it on myself!!! My husband had to help me fasten the clips as I laid on the bed. It was not comfortable, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to breathe or bend over, but I quickly settled in after I noticed that after only ten minutes of wear, my core was already sweating.

    1. What was your waist training routine?

    I had a few waist trainers that I switched out for different routines. I would wear a waist trainer when I worked out, under clothes, or just walking around the house. I love waist trainers and they quickly became a part of my daily fashion. I started out wearing the waist trainer for six hours and then quickly progressed to 15-24 hours. I can sleep in my waist trainers now. On a typical day, I wake up, shower, use the Hourglass Amp Your Curves Waist Training Gel on my torso, and slap on my waist trainer of the day! By the time my husband is home from work, I’m done waist training. Not that wearing it around my husband would be a problem, because he likes it when I wear them for him!

    1. Did the garment meet your expectations? How so?

    The Ann Cherry and Hourglass garments more than exceeded my expectations. I thought of my first waist trainer as an investment in myself. I wasn’t really expecting to lose inches off of my waist, but I was hopeful. I thought waist training would be so uncomfortable based off of stories I had heard from others, but I found the best garments that were comfortable for me and stuck with them. I ended up losing six inches!

    1. What were your diet and fitness habits during your waist training journey?

    I tried to work out daily, but I have a knee injury from the military that was re-aggravated during crossfit and that took me out for a while. In fact, I was on crutches for a while during this experiment. Because I couldn’t work out, I was all the more determined to stick to my waist training routine. I did make healthy eating choices. That wasn’t too hard for me because I don’t like sweets (weird, right?). I munched on veggies throughout the day.

    1. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss and/or fitness?

    I have always been a heavy girl. Always. I’m happy with myself now, but growing up, it was brutal. I was teased by my peers and siblings. I think the insult that has stuck with me all my life was when someone told me I was so fat, I looked like a linebacker. So I literally tried every fad diet that came out, Herbalife, Metabolife, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Hydroxycut... Nothing worked! The reason why none of these worked is because I JUST LOVE FOOD! (LOL!) I was never disciplined enough to make the right food choices or I just didn’t know when to stop eating. When I was wearing the waist trainer, it squeezed my midsection which made it very hard to overeat and I also felt fuller longer!

    1. When did you start seeing results?

    I mentioned earlier that my husband had to help me get the waist trainer fastened for the first time, but it only took about two days for me to be able to get into my trainer alone, because my midsection started shrinking after Day 1!!! No joke. I don’t want to be gross or anything, but this waist trainer is the best detox I’ve ever had! I never realized how much waste and other toxins are just sitting right there in the torso and the waist trainer clears all of that out. After four weeks, it was noticeable to everyone that I was losing weight and my curves were crazy! I was starting to achieve my hourglass figure. Now, eight weeks later, my curves are so much more defined, my stomach is tight and flatter, and I’m no longer able to fit plus size clothing. However, I still wear a size 13/14 because I can’t fit my #GAINS into a size 11.

    1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

    ALL of my friends have noticed my results. They all tell me that I look great and wonder how I stopped doing crossfit and still lost more weight than them! My butt receives the most compliments though. I used to be shaped like a box. Imagine Spongebob...that was me! Not anymore. People are quick to point out my “new” butt and ask if I have gotten implants. Nope! What I have found to be mind blowing is that my friends who are visibly smaller than me, weigh far less than me, but my waist is smaller than theirs! Like, how!? So definitely, when people see my waist, it’s always a conversation piece.

    1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

    Just TRY IT! Invest in yourself. You won’t regret it. Waist training is a lifestyle...not a fad. Be consistent, don’t give’ll love the results!!

    Shop her style - best waist trainers

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  • How to Solve the Biggest Wardrobe Problems with Shapewear

    Target Trouble Areas with Shapewear

    Everyone has trouble areas when it comes to their figures, which means that wardrobe options that look stunning on someone else might not be flattering for you.

    While you can’t do a lot to change your natural body type, the good news is that you can go a long way to enhancing your best features and concealing your trouble spots. The trick is knowing how to dress—especially with shapewear.

    Shapewear can be pretty miraculous when used well! You just have to know which type is ideal for your trouble spots.

    Here are some of the most common wardrobe problems women encounter, as well as how to fix them with the right shapewear and style choices.

    Problem: Turkey Neck

    Turkey neck is wrinkly skin in the neck and chin area. You might be tempted to wear turtle-neck sweaters year-round, but those make the problem worse!

    Shapewear solutions:

    Since you want to draw attention away from your neck and chin, use shapewear that enhances the bust and slims the torso. We recommend the V-Neck Slimming Tank by TrueShapers 1370 for providing the best foundation for all of your tops with low necklines. For a more sculpted look for your whole figure, try the Smooth Couture Bodysuit by Va Bien. This piece firmly slims your whole figure and can be paired with your favorite bra for optimal shaping and support.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    Go for tops and accessories that can camouflage the problem: necklines that draw attention away from the chin and neck and towards the collarbone such as V-necks and scoop necks. A button-down shirt with the collar popped can draw the eye down. If you want to conceal more, try light scarves in soft colors.

    Turtlenecks, mock necks, chokers and dark colors near the face all draw the attention toward the neck, so avoid these styles as much as possible.

    Problem: Muffin Top

    This is one of the most common wardrobe problems women encounter: when the waistband of your pants or skirt squeeze against your midsection, causing excess tummy, hip and back chub to spill over.

    Shapewear solutions:

    You can prevent this problem by choosing shapewear with a high waist. This ensures that you’ll have a smooth surface under your clothes, even above the pant line.

    The Best Shapewear Mid-Thigh Bodysuit By Amia A107 is one of our favorite solutions for muffin top. It creates a smooth foundation for your figure from just below the bustline all the way down to mid-thigh. Removable, adjustable straps provide additional support and prevent the garment from rolling down or slipping.

    Bodysuits like the Sculpt ActivWear Body Shaper by Shape and Slim are also effective at preventing muffin top. And if you’re wearing a dress or skirt, try a compression slip for all-over shaping.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    In addition to the right shapewear, high waist pants and skirts can serve you well in preventing muffin top—not to mention drawing emphasis to the narrowest part of your waist rather than the trouble areas. Try shaping apparel like Butt-Lifting Leggings With Leather Sides By Bon Bon Up 1056 for your workouts and New Dawn Lift and Sculpt Jeans for everyday attire. Both of these garments not only conceal muffin top, but they also lift and shape your butt.

    You’ll also want to avoid styles that emphasize rather than conceal the problem, including low-rise jeans, cropped tops and any waistband that squeezes around your squishy area.

    Problem: Pooch 

    This is another wardrobe problem located at the midsection. The difference between a tummy pooch and muffin top is that the pooch is below the belly button and is located primarily in the front, while a muffin top can occur higher up around the whole waist. Flabby abs can happen to anyone but are commonly an issue if you’ve had your belly stretched out by pregnancy.

    Shapewear solutions:

    To pull those abs in, pick shapewear that provides firm compression in your abdominal areas. Firm compression waist trainers are among our most popular shaping options that can eliminate that pooch belly and shrink your waist by an inch or more.

    For everyday, powerful slimming, try the Zipper Latex Waist Trainer By Hourglass Angel HA104. This garment features flexible steel boning and a strong zipper closure over three rows of hooks, for maximum compression. And if you’re plus size, you’ll love this Plus Size Latex Waist Trainer HA102.

    If you’d prefer an alternative to a waist trainer, shaping panties with elastic panels in the front will do the trick. And we’re not talking your grandma’s panties; Cassandra Thong Back Waist Cincher By Rago 801 is a sexy option that hardly looks like shapewear at all, while Sexy Shapewear with Lace and Garters by Vedette 132 looks like lingerie. For everyday slimming under casual and professional attire, you might like the High-Waisted Panty Shaper with Booty Lift by Leonisa 022239 or the High Waisted Panty by Amia A109. We recommend rotating several shaping panties like these through you’re wardrobe so you’ll always have options.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    While your shapewear should be cut high waist, we recommend that you actually avoid high waist pants and skirts, and especially tucking in your shirt into a high waist. This can accentuate the problem. Other than that, if you’re wearing the right shapewear underneath, you’ll have a lot of freedom to try a variety of styles.

    Problem: Armpit Fat

    This is excess flesh in the underarm area that is often worsened by strapless dresses and tank tops.

    Shapewear solutions:

    In order to correct the appearance of fat under the arms, you’ll want to wear bras with side slimmers and vest style waist trainers. These not only cinch in the waist but also provide optimal support for the breasts and coverage for the back.

    For a supportive bra, we recommend a shaper like the Lacy Love Push-Up Brassalette by Dominique 7759. This is an especially great option for when you want to go strapless. When you’re not going strapless, vest-style waist trainers like the Ann Chery Latex Waist Shaper Vest 2027 for everyday and special occasion use or the Latex Waist Trainer Vest by Hourglass Angel HA103 for plus sizes will provide the coverage and support you need.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    Avoid strapless dresses that cut straight across the chest and opt for sweetheart necklines instead. You’ll also want to steer clear of tube tops and tanks that are too tight.

    Problem: Mom Butt

    It can happen whether you’re a mom or not: a flat, elongated backside, without any shape or definition. It can be particularly noticeable when wearing jeans, especially ill-fitting ones.

    Shapewear solutions:

    Look for panties with posterior padding or shapewear with butt-lifting properties to fill out your rear. The Alexandra Butt-Lifting Shaper by Vedette 504 is a popular shaping option with an open-bottom that firmly lifts your butt’s natural shape to create an hourglass shape. The Dayann Butt Boster Body Suit by Vedette 913 is another open-bottom option with all-over shaping power. If you’d prefer padding to an open bottom design, the Butt Lifter Panty by Fullness 8011 creates a natural-looking, full shape.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    The right jeans go a long way in preventing mom butt. Be sure to avoid jeans with small back pockets and high waist paints, which elongate the butt even further. For this problem, butt-enhancing jeans are especially effective at creating a rounder, fuller shape using rounded seams and strategically-placed embellishments that enhance the right curves.

    Problem: Chub Rub

    You know it when you’ve got it: thighs that rub together while walking, causing clothing in that area to become worn and pilled.

    Shapewear solutions:

    Thick tights and bike-short-style shapers help relieve chafing and provide control in the thigh region. You’ll be much more comfortable and save your clothes! Several of our most recommended thigh shapers include the High Waisted Thigh Shaper By Slim Me MSM-108, High Waisted Spandex Shorts by Spanx and the Naomi & Nicole Unbelievable Comfort High-Waist Thigh Slimmer 779 for comfortable, moderate compression that slims the tummy through the mid-thigh. For coverage that focuses primarily on the upper thighs and lower abs, try the Thinstincts Slimming Girl Shorts By Spanx 10004R.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    You’ll have a lot of wardrobe options when you’re wearing shaping shorts. Avoid pants made of thin, draping fabrics.

    Problem: Back Fat

    This often goes hand in hand with armpit fat and is characterized by rolls of flesh around the shoulder blades, often worsened by bra straps.

    Shapewear solutions:

    Having a well-fitting bra with the straps adjusted so they are not too tight is your first line of defense. A slimming camisole or a compression waist trainer can also help reduce the appearance of back fat. Try the Waist Trainer Corset Vest by Amia A103 to provide extra coverage for your upper back, or the Black Cashmere Underbust Corset for unbeatable support. For shaping camis we recommend the V-Neck Slimming Tank by Trueshapers 1370 for an all-in-one solution that prevents back fat, or the Control Camisole by Amia A108 to pair with your own best-fitting bra.

    Wardrobe solutions:

    Once you’ve got the problem under control with the right shapewear, you’ll also want to avoid thin fabrics like charmeuse or jerseys.

    Styles for the waist training mom

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  • 10 Signs You Should Invest in a Waist Trainer

    Is Waist Training Worth It?

    If you’re interested in starting—or improving—a waist training regimen, you know that it’s investment. Not only is in an investment of money, but it’s also an investment of your time and effort, especially if you're using waist training to supplement a dedicated workout routine.

    If you’re on the fence about whether to take the plunge into waist training, here are 10 signs it's right for you.

    1. You Want More Back Support

    While most people are aware that waist training is a great way to slim your waistline and flatten your tummy, you may not be aware of the added perk that it provides for your posture. The firm compression of a waist trainer makes you to pull in your core and straighten your spine while you’re wearing it.

    This can be a huge benefit for several reasons. First, improving your posture provides the instant benefit of making you appear more confident—which in turn will help you feel more confident. Photographers know this, which is why they tell the subjects to sit or stand with their backs straight for the best results.

    If you sit at a desk for most of the day, chances are you’re spending a lot of hours in a slouching position. Bad posture can cause shoulder and back pain. Wearing a waist trainer will help you sit straighter and correct your posture.  Likewise, if you stand a lot during the day, wearing a waist trainer will help you stand straighter as well.

    1. You Want More Balance in Your Figure

    While pretty much every body type benefits from a slimmer waist, that’s not the only effect of wearing a waist trainer. It can also help provide balance to your natural body type. Here’s how it can work with the different types.

    • If you’re a pear shape, a waist trainer will lift your bust and create a fuller bust.
    • If you’re an apple shape, a waist trainer will create a more defined waistline and emphasize your bust.
    • If you’re a rectangle shape, a waist trainer will define your waist and create more curves.
    • If you’re an hourglass shape, a waist trainer will further define and smooth your natural curves.
    • If you’re an inverted triangle shape, a waist trainer will provide more support for your bust and definition for your waist.
    1. You Want to Optimize Your Workouts

    If you’re ready to increase the intensity of your workouts, a waist trainer may be the way to go! Wearing a workout band during exercise stimulates thermal activity in your core and helps you sweat harder. This in effect helps you to experience a sweatier, more intense workout, which is the kind of workout you need if you want to get results.

    As we mentioned above, a waist trainer also helps you maintain good posture while you’re wearing it, which can be helpful in a number of workout moves, including cardio and strength training. Most fitness instructors will tell you to keep your back straight and your abs pulled in tight—and your waist trainer will help you do just that.

    1. You’re Losing Weight and Want to Maintain Your Curves

    A waist trainer can play a part in your diet and exercise plan. For starters, a waist trainer can be a great motivator. Since you’ll immediately smooth and slim your midsection when you put one on, you may find a boost in confidence in your self-image that will help you stick to your goals. A waist trainer can also help you manage your portions while you’re wearing it, as you’ll feel fuller faster because your stomach can’t expand as much.

    And as we mentioned above, not only does a waist trainer help you achieve a smaller waist, but it can also help you enhance your curves. During your weight loss journey, a waist trainer will help you maintain the curves you love as you shed off the pounds from your exercise routine.

    1. You’re Building Muscle Tone and Want to Keep Your Tummy Firm

    With the right exercises, you can use a waist trainer to supplement workout routines that are designed to build lean muscle and firm abs. Through firm compression, a workout band stimulates heat around your core muscles, helps you sweat and optimizes your workout. For the best results, be sure to do a variety of cardio and strength-training exercises that target all of your muscle groups, as this will help you burn the most fat and show off your muscle tone.

    Wearing a waist trainer outside of your workouts will also help emphasize all the hard work you’ve done in the gym by pulling in your tummy and keeping it flat.

    1. Your Waist Trainer Isn’t as Tight as It Used to Be

    If you’ve already been practicing waist training regularly, you’ll eventually need to order replacements. Taking proper care of a waist trainer will help extend its life, but the latex does eventually wear out and lose its elasticity.

    You might not notice immediately when your waist trainer needs to be replaced, as the wear will be gradual. One way to tell is to record your results. If you feel like you’ve plateaued after making good progress but haven’t reached your goals, you may want to assess the condition of your old waist trainer. It should feel very tight, warm, and difficult to bend in. If doesn’t seem as tight as it used to be, even on the smallest setting, it might be time to invest again.

    1. You’re on the Tightest Row of Hook and Eye Closures on Your Waist Trainer

    Sometimes you may be ready to get a new waist trainer even when it hasn’t worn out yet. If you experience such incredible results that your waist trainer is too big, then that’s a time to celebrate and reward yourself with a new one!

    You’ll be able to tell when it’s time to order a new waist trainer because even when it is pulled to the tightest row of hooks, it will still feel loose. You’ll know because it just won’t feel as effective as it used to, and your results may plateau.

    If you expect to lose a lot of weight during your waist training, this is one reason why three rows of hooks might be preferable—so you’ll get the most out of your trainer. If you’re pretty close to your slimming goals but mostly want to tighten and tone, two rows may be the better option.

    1. You’re Not Able to Waist Train Every Day Because You’re Waiting for It to Dry

    Waist trainers get wet—you sweat a lot in them, and occasionally you need to hand-wash them. If you’re wearing a waist trainer as much as we recommend for the best results (8 or more hours a day), then you’re probably going to find that this is difficult due to drying time!

    That’s why, for dedicated waist training, we recommend rotating at least two waist trainers in your wardrobe. A good rule of thumb is to use one for workouts and one for everyday wear. These two styles are constructed differently and optimized for different activities. You may even want to introduce a third if you have different style preferences.

    1. The Boning is Starting to Bend

    When you first break in a waist trainer, it’s normal for the boning inside the core to warp slightly—it is molding to your figure and will fit like a glove. But over time, whether your waist trainer wears out or your figure changes significantly, if the boning is bending uncomfortably, then you’ll know it’s time to replace the waist trainer. You’ll know because the waist trainer won’t fit as well as it used to and may be uncomfortable to wear.

    1. You’re Ready for a Waist Trainer That Provides More Support

    Once you’re waist training regularly, you may find that a different style provides better support and results. Two styles to try if you want maximum compression and support are vest waist trainers and steel-boned corsets.

    Vest style trainers are like strapless cinchers, only they feature shoulder straps for additional back coverage and breast support. They are an open bust design so you can wear them with the bra of your choice.

    Steel-boned corsets are the next step up for people who are serious about waist training. They lace up in the back rather than fastening in the front, which means that you can create a custom fit every time you wear it, even as you slim down. Compression is created by the shape of the bodice, reinforced by steel boning, as well as the lace-up tightening. For this reason, steel-boned corsets can be more durable and have more potential slimming power than latex cinchers. (Many women find that they actually like to have both!)

    So, are you ready to invest? Be sure to check out our specially curated selection of the best waist trainers and expert advice—only at Hourglass Angel.

    Shop the collection

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  • 5 Styles of Invisible Shapewear that Will Make All Your Clothes Fit Better

    The Best Shapewear to Make Your Clothes Fit Better

    Spring is almost here!

    As the seasons change, you’re probably thinking about how to update your wardrobe. But have you considered updating your shapewear wardrobe? This is the best place to start, because having the right shapewear can help you rediscover the clothes you already have.

    The right shapewear can make your old favorites fit well again. When you have the right piece as a foundation, all of a sudden that top or dress that didn’t lay quite right over your figure will suddenly look much better. Shapewear can smooth out your trouble areas and enhance your curves so that clothing can fit the way it was designed to.

    Whether those jeans from last year are a little tight or you don’t like the way that sweater fits, don’t throw it into the donation pile just yet. Update your shapewear collection first, and then build your new wardrobe from there.

    Here are a few styles of invisible shapewear that can help you refresh your whole look, plus tips on how to wear it best so that it doesn’t show through.

    The Shaping Panty

    You’re going to be wearing panties every day anyway, so why not wear some that double as shapewear? A shaping panty will slim your waist, flatten your tummy and prevent muffin top. You may find that your jeans fit in a much more flattering and comfortable way when they have a smooth foundation underneath.

    Check out the Perfect Curves High Waist Brief By Hooked Up 1070. This garment provides firm control for your whole midsection, ensuring that you have a smooth waistline all around and flat abdomen. What makes this particular panty unique is that it actually hooks into your bra! So it essentially acts like a full-body shaper, but it’s easier to get in and out of, and it pairs easily with your favorite bra. And you’ll never worry for a second about rolling or sliding because the top is securely in place.

    For invisible shaping with this or other style of panty shaper, make sure that you use a color that matches your skin tone or matches the fabric that you’ll be wearing over it. Most panty shapers provide slimming and coverage to at least the natural waist, so no one will suspect your secret.

    The Shaping Tank

    This is a staple wardrobe piece, especially for seasons when you’re going to be wearing layers. As with shaping panties, you’re probably going to be wearing a light tank under your tops anyway, so why not wear one that enhances your figure?

    The Thermal Control Tank, By Diane 2205 provides firm slimming for your figure with the no-fuss style of a tank. Its open bust design allows you to pair it with your favorite bra, so you can provide extra support and lift for your bust while slimming and smoothing your waistline. This particular tank is ideal for fitted sweaters and thin tops.

    For invisible shaping in any shaping tank, your shaping tank and bra should be similar in color. Also make sure that you’re aware of your straps and what kind of coverage your top provides if you don’t want them peeking out. Otherwise, a shaping tank should be invisible under most outfits, especially seamless tanks like the one by Diane.

    The Thigh-Slimming Shaper

    When you’re wearing tight pants or dresses and skirts, you want to have smooth, slim thighs and a round, lifted butt. You can also get great results with a thigh-slimming shaper.

    The Vedette Amelie Open Bottom Mid Thigh Shaper 914 is a versatile shaper that can be a staple in your wardrobe, especially for days you want to wear a skirt or dress. With an open-bottom design you’ll get a natural, firm lift to your butt along with smooth slimming from your waist to the mid-thigh. The open bust and adjustable shoulder straps provide extra lifting and support with your favorite bra.

    Check the length of any skirts or dresses your wear with your thigh shaper to make sure it won’t poke out (if you have a particularly short skirt, try a body shaper, below.) Also choose a color that is close to your skin tone or the fabric of the outfit you’re wearing. Otherwise, you can feel confident that your shapewear will not create a visible panty line because of its longer length.

    The Body Shaper

    Anytime you want some all-over slimming for a dress, jumper or other outfit that shows off your silhouette, an all-over shaper is an obvious choice. You can slim and control your midsection, lift your butt and support your bust with one piece.

    The Seamless Firm Control Body Shaper by Ann Chery 4012 is a powerful piece that creates a smooth foundation using three latex slimming layers do to all of that. This is a must-have for any figure-hugging outfit. This garment is also completely seamless, making it invisible under your outfits. If you’re using any lighter colors or fabrics, this feature is important to consider.

    The Bustier

    Lastly, for all of your strapless outfits, and especially strapless dresses, you’ll want a quality bustier in your wardrobe. It’s like a cross between a strapless bra and corset; you’ll get unbeatable bust support along with slimming and smoothing for your waist.

    The Formal Chic Ultra Lift Seamless Bustier By Va Bien 1503 is a classic piece that is ideal for bridal and other formal attire. This garment provides firm slimming from the bust to the hip. It works well under strapless dresses, particularly a-line and other styles that emphasize the waist. It is also seamless, meaning it will remain invisible under lighter fabrics.

    Whatever bustier you choose for your strapless looks, it’s always a good idea to try it on well in advance of your event to makes sure it fits correctly. This will ensure that you experience the most flattering results (this is actually true of any shapewear style!).

    We hope you’re inspired to give your wardrobe a shapewear makeover, so you can rediscover what you have and feel confident in whatever you’re wearing!

    Get started waist training

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  • Interview: 'Waist Training was the best thing that ever happened to me'

    Maria's Waist Training Transformation

    Maria is a busy mom who had difficulty losing weight, due to a medical condition that caused her to gain 45 pounds. When she looked in the mirror, she was no longer happy. And while she wasn't sure if she'd ever get her slim body back, she knew she needed to make a change. Trying a waist trainer turned out to be the key to jumpstarting her transformation.

    Maria started going to the gym and wearing her waist trainer nonstop. Within two weeks, she was already noticing results. And by simply wearing the waist trainer, her self-esteem skyrocketed. We caught up with Maria recently to find out more about her 8-week waist training journey.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself.

    I worked in customer service from the age of 14 to 23. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. I love to do all kinds of crafts: I sew, crotchet, make jewelry, make soaps, candles etc. About 2 years ago I started to try and live a healthier lifestyle, but once I found out about my health problems I decided I really needed to change a lot.

    1. Why did you decide to try waist training?

    I wanted to do waist training because I gained over 45 pounds due to a health condition. When I would look at myself in the mirror I wasn't happy. I knew I needed to change. I decided that on my 28th birthday I was going to join a gym and start losing weight. Even if I didn't make it back to 115 pounds, I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and be happy. I saw a lot of ads about how waist training helped women lose weight and keep their curves, so I decided I wanted to get a waist trainer.

    1. What garments did you use, and why?

    I used the latex waist trainer because I was always at the gym and it helped me sweat a lot.

    1. What were your first impressions?

    When I first put on the waist trainer, I was in front of a mirror and the first thing I did when I saw myself was smile. The waist trainer gave me a boost of self-esteem I needed. The second thing that I did was run to my boyfriend and asked him how I looked. He said "Wow, you look great. But I love the way you look, no matter what."

    1. What was your waist training routine?

    I wore my waist trainer almost every day. Some days I would wear it for 12 hours. I worked out in it and I wore it daily. Since I sweated a lot I would have to wipe it down every day. After the first week of wearing the waist trainer I didn't even realize that I was wearing it.

    1. Did the garment meet your expectations? How so?

    The waist trainer exceeded my expectations. I couldn't believe the difference it was making day by day. I wanted to try the butt lifter and waist trainer together, but I couldn't get the proper fit. My stomach is much flatter and my curves are more defined. I am so happy I wish I could buy all of Hourglass Angel’s products, because I know that they must be amazing since the waist trainer was more than amazing.

    1. What were your diet and fitness habits during your waist training journey?

    I was very active I went to the gym 6 days a week and I ate very healthy. I did catch a cold towards the 5th week so I took a little break from the gym, but I still ate healthy and did yoga.

    1. In the past, have you faced any challenges with weight-loss and/or fitness?

    The waist trainer helped me because when I would go to the gym I was always worried that people were looking at my stomach. When I put the waist trainer on I felt more confident and I wasn't worried that people were staring at me. I loved the way I looked and felt wearing the waist trainer.

    1. When did you start seeing results?

    I started seeing results almost immediately, about two weeks after wearing the waist trainer. I was losing weight and seeing it.

    1. Has anyone else noticed your results?

    Everyone I know has noticed my weight loss. I get so excited when someone tells me that I lost weight or that I look good. I am so much happier that I started this journey with Hourglass Angel.

    1. What would you say to others who are thinking about trying waist training?

    I would tell them that waist training is the best thing that ever happened to me when it came to losing weight. Also, the bonus of using a waist trainer is you can wear it on a daily basis. While you are on your weight-loss journey, you can put on your waist trainer and go out and about, and no one will know that you are wearing a waist trainer. Waist training is the best when you want to lose weight or when you want to improve your curves.

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